Furterer Astera shampoo soothing freshness 50ml


SKU: 7936648


Astera shampoo provides a feeling of appeasement on the irritated scalp leathers, while restoring their natural ph, thanks to the essential oils contained in the formula. It washes everything smoothly. The fragile hair is hydrated and protected. Find a hair soft and supple is no longer a problem.


Hygiene for irritated scalp, weak or sensitive hair product.

Directions for use

Apply a DAB of shampoo on the scalp. Massage to lather. Leave 1 minute and rinse. Proceed to a second shampoo, leaving ask 2 to 5 minutes, this time.


For more information regarding the ingredients of this product, please contact us at info@sanareva.co.uk


1 tube of 50ml.