un'Ethic Pebbles Scented Verbena 8 Pebbles

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Slipped into a drawer or placed in a cupboard, these wax pebbles will delicately refresh your laundry. Used as a diffuser, place a pebble in a perfume burner to release the soft scents in your home.

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These small hearts melting with local rapeseed wax are made by craftsmen in Strasbourg. French perfume Verbena does not release any materials that are toxic to humans or the environment.
Pouch of 8 heart-shaped pebbles, each pebble releases approximately 1 hour of perfume.
Weight : 48g


Pouch of 8 heart-shaped pebbles

Directions for use

With a flat glow plug diffuser
Place a pebble on top of the candle, the heart will melt in 1 hour. The wax does not evaporate.
To replace the roller, wait for the wax to harden.


Canola wax


Pouches of 8 pebbles of 48g