Frontline Spray Insecticide and Acaricide 250ml Habitat

SKU: 305264


This spray purifies your home by eliminating insects, mites, fleas and flea larvae. He warns the re-infestation. His immediate action lasts up to 6 months. In addition to the anti-parasitic treatments for your animals, this spray is very effective. Your pets and your children are protected and have a clean Interior.


Spray for home against mites and insects.

Directions for use:

Carefully aspirate the area to be treated. Close the windows and leave open interior doors and closets. To get to the animals and cover aquariums. Protect food, work plans and fragile areas. Shake the aerosol. Do a test on a small area. Spray 20 cm from the surface to treat into the spray vertically. Leave the room and close the door. Leave on for half an hour before air. Can be used on carpets, rugs, floors, chairs, niches and baskets. Focus on high-risk areas. If you need to repeat the operation.


Contains: Permethrin: 1.06 g/l (S) - Methoprene: 0.013 g/l Excipient QSP


1 250ml aerosol.