Frontline Spot On dog XL box of 3


SKU: 6773246 Frontline Spot On dog XL box of 3

solutions skin for Spot on:

Protection of cats and dogs from fleas, ticks and lice.

mode of action:

FRONTLINE is a treatment that kills fleas and ticks by contact of the parasite with the medication on your pet's skin. After application. FRONTLINE does not pass through the blood of your pet but concentrates in the sebum from the skin of it (thin layer of surface) and is thus stored in the sebaceous glands. FRONTLINE is therefore characterized by a storage of several weeks after l 'application, giving it its resistance to rain, baths and shampoos. Fleas and ticks are killed in contact with the insecticide/acaricide molecule on the skin of the animal. FRONTLINE intoxicate the nervous system of pests who die by nervous hyperarousal.

recommendations for the application of the pipettes:

It is very important to well to remove the hair between the shoulders so that the skin is visible: properly apply the product on the skin, not hair. The spot is distributed throughout the body and is concentrated in the sebaceous glands which play a role of tank. Week after week, they release the product, providing continuous protection.