Frontline Spot On Anti-Pest Pipettes for Extra Large Dogs x 4

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Treatment against fleas, ticks and eliminating biting lice. 

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Frontline is a treatment that kills fleas and ticks. When parasites come in contact with fipronil, the active substance, on your pet's skin, they are killed instantaneously. After application, Frontline does not enter the bloodstream but concentrates in the sebum in sebaceous glands (a thin upper layer of the skin). Frontline stores for several weeks after application, giving it its resistance to rain, baths and shampoo. Fleas and ticks are killed when in contact with the insecticide/acaricide molecule on the skin of the animal. For more great Frontline treatments click here.


Treats against parasites affected by fipronil. For dogs weighing 40-60kg. Provides treatment to eliminate and prevent fleas and ticks. Eliminates biting lice. Protection against new infestation is 2 months for fleas and 1 month for ticks.  

Recommended Use:

Break the pipette at the pre-marked area. Part the hair of the animal between the shoulder blades and empty the content of the pipette directly onto the skin at this point. It is very important to part the hair between the shoulders of your dog so that the skin is visible. Apply the product directly to the skin and not the hair. The content is then spreads along the length of the body and is concentrated in the sebaceous glands which store it. This is released gradually afterwards to provide continuous protection. The minimum period to abide to between treatments is four weeks.  It is advised against treating dogs younger than 8 weeks. Do not use on recovering or sick animals (systemic illness, fever etc.). Do not use on rabbits. This product is specially made for dogs. Do not use on cats. Avoid contact with the eyes of the animal. It is important to ensure not to apply the product on an area where it is possible that the animal might lick. It is also important to ensure that animals (on which the product has been applied) do not lick one another.It is advised against bathing the animal in the 2 days following application of the product. Emollient shampoos may be used before treatment but reduce the duration of protection againts fleas after 5 weeks if used on a weekly basis from the application of the pipette. Fortnightly baths with a shampoo content of 2% chlorhexidine have not reduced the effectiveness of the product against fleas in a study of 6 weeks. Dogs should not enter bodys of water in the 2 days following application of the treatment.. On occassion, it is possible that ticks may be seen on the animal, and, for this reason, the transmission of infectious disease is can not be guaranteed in certain conditions.Fleas found on pets can also be found in their sleeping area (e.g. basket) as well as areas where they rest regularly (e.g. couch, carpet, rug). In case of a large infestation, it is advised to treat these areas with an adapted pesticide treatment.  For the person applying the pipette:This product may provoke irritation of the mucous of the eyes. It is therefore important to avoid contact with the mouths or eyes. Animals or users with a known hypersensitivity to insecticides or alcohol should avoid contact with the product. Avoid contact of the contents of the pipette with the fingers. If contact does occur, wash fingers and hands carefully with soap and water. In case of accidental eye exposure, rinse the with clean water carefully. Always wash hands after use of the product. Do not handle treated animals or allow children to play with the treated animal(s) after application until the product has fully dried. It is therefore preferable for the animal to not be treated during the daytime but in the evening. It is also advised that the treatment animal does not sleep with people. Do not smoke, drink or eat while handling during application.


Each pipette of 4.02ml contains:Fipronil 402mg, Butylhydroxyanisole (E320) 0.804mg, Butylhydroxytoluene (E321) 0.402mg, Ethanol 0.402ml. Excipient QS 1 pipette of 4.02ml.


Box of 4 pipettes.

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