Frontline Pet Care Tick Hook

Minimizes the risk of transmission of diseases by the tick.

Manufacturer: Frontline

SKU: 0305149


Hook to ticks Frontline Pet Care to remove ticks of all sizes that are attached to your pet.

Pain-free and reusable, it is suitable for all animals (even to the man).

Hook to ticks Frontline Pet Care is the ideal instrument to preserve the health of your pet. It was designed to not leave the rostrum (head) of the tick in the skin and do not compress his abdomen. This prevents the reflux of the tick saliva and therefore decreases the risk that these parasites, which is fed with blood, transmit diseases (such as Piroplasmosis, Lyme disease). Ticks are the primary source of pathogens to animals.

The use of ether (or other products which may be toxic) is not necessary with the hook to ticks Frontline Pet Care.


Hook for ticks of all sizes, for men and animals.

Directions for use:

Drag the hook so that the tick is inserted between the two parts of the instrument.

Turn the hook to ticks.

Pull gently.


Ticks plastic hook.


A hook to ticks.