Frontline Combo Cats and Ferrets 6 Pipettes

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Protection against fleas, ticks and lice for cats and ferrets.

Manufacturer: Frontline

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Frontline combo is a skin solution in a spot-on format for the elimination of fleas, ticks and lice in your animal and its living space.This integrated solution is brings together different methods to target fleas at different stages: in their adult form and in their growth when they are settling in on the animal. Frontline Combo for cats and ferrets is vital in the combat against pests thanks to its 2 complementary essential actions:

1) Elimininates ticks and lice on your pet.2) Prevents fleas from redevelopping.

Frontline Combo thus ensures a double-security: it eliminates fleas and ticks on your pet and prevents habitat contamination by killing flea eggs and larvae

After application, Frontline combo doesn't get into your animal's bloodstream, but rather concentrates on the sebum layer of the skin (a thin surface layer) and is thus stored in the sebaceous gland. Frontline combo thus is unique in that it creates a store of itself  for several weeks after application remaining resistant to rain, bathing and shampoo. It is important to allow 48hours between application and exposure to water and to not exceed one bath or shampoo use per week.Discover more Frontline treatments here.


This solution is for cats and ferrets.

Recommended Use:

Take a pipette from the box and carefully break along the pre-cut line. 

Part the hair on the animal and apply directly to the skin. 

Put the end of the pipette to the skin between the two shoulders of the animal and press the pipette repeatedly to completely empty it (on to either one or two points). 

Recommandations d'application des pipettes

Apply onto dry skin. It is very important to properly part the hair between the shoulders so that the skin is visible as to apply it on the skin and not the hair. The solution spreads along the body and sits in the sebaceous gland, which acts ato retain the solution. Tip: It should be applied at the base of the head in order to avoid the animal being able to lick it off itself. 


Fipronil 50mg. (S)-methoprene 60mg. Butylhydroxyanisole (E320) 0.10mg. Butylhydroxytoluene (E321) 0.05mg. Excipient QSP 0.5ml per pipette.


Box of 6 pipettes.



Number of reviews : 10
Average rating : 5 /5
M. Angela
  the 18/09/2016
5/ 5
S. Helen
  the 30/08/2016
5/ 5
worked very well, no more fleas. Good price too!
B. Julii
  the 30/07/2016
5/ 5
does what it says on the tin
A. Julian E
  the 29/07/2016
5/ 5
I have always used frontline for my pets and will continue to do and was happy with the price that was being charged
H. Helene
  the 19/06/2016
5/ 5