Forte Pharma teen 30 capsules

Captures 50% of calories from your meal
Manufacturer: Forté Pharma
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SKU 9592137 Forte Pharma teen 30 capsules

description: Teen: a natural formula that directly captures a portion of food fats, slows the assimilation of sugars and the storage of fats. Action product: teen is a natural, rich in cocoa and orange, specific fibre that combines 3 key actions to help to : 1. Directly capture fats from your food and encourage their disposal. 2. Slow down the absorption of sugars and thus the storage of fats. 3. Control your goodwill food. operating tips: 2 capsules during the meal *. On the basis of the body of the person and the programmed meals richese, it is possible to take up to 4 capsules per socket. * (1, 2 or 3 times a day). a dietary supplement must not replace a varied and balanced diet and a way of life healthy. not Recommended for women pregnant or lactating and children less than eight years without notice medical. Composition: Fibrocaptol (cocoa and orange fibers): ingredient exclusive. packaging : 30 capsules in mini-blisters, practical and nomadic, to be taken anywhere and used daily, weekend or holiday.