Forté Pharma Royal Jelly 2000mg + Organic Tasmania Honey 20 Vials

Tonic formulated with a natural nutrient and energy concentrate.

Manufacturer: Forté Pharma

SKU: 5178369


Forta Pharma Royal Jelly 2000 mg is specially formulated with two highly dosed ingredients from organic farming: honey and royal jelly. This combination is a fantastic help for your daily life:

  • Royal jelly is the result of a clever alchemy between the work of bees and the plant world. Made by bees from pollen, it is a natural nutritious and energetic concentrate.
  • Tasmania honey, from Oceania, notably Australia and New Zealand, is known for its restorative properties. 


For energy. 

Directions for use

1 Vial of Royal Jelly 2000mg to drink in the morning, pure or diluted in a glass of water.

Shake before use.


  • Purified water
  • Organic royal jelly (2000 mg),
  • Honey from wild flowers of Tasmania (2000 mg).


Box of 20 vials.