Fleurs de Bach Rescue Night Liquid Melts 14 Capsules

SKU: 2019883 rescue night pearls 14 capsules

Stress is often at the origin of anxiety, insomnia, and depression or psychosomatic illnesses. Stress is no handicapping for the life of every day. Should therefore reduce this disorder because the physical and mental health are linked: 'a healthy mind in a healthy body'.


since 1956, the Famaden laboratory offers solutions of natural care for life headaches daily. it is part of the Group Nelson, the largest manufacturer of natural products, including Rescue and the Bach Original flower.

Rescue night pearls is a dietary supplement 6 flower of Bach Original which White Chesnut. the Bach Flowers are produced using only the fresh flowers from the Apennine, Alps, hills protected from all forms of pollution. Rescue supports in all the daily events, exams, work ,...

Rescue night pearls relaxes, soothes and helps find a calm spirit by getting rid of obsessive thoughts. It allows to keep clear mind and a good night's sleep, in a quite natural way.

this food supplement is shown as a melting bead with natural ingredients to stay calm under all circumstances. Non-alcoholic pearls melt in your mouth.

Tips for using Rescue night beads:

take a night Rescue Pearl before sunset. Let it melt in the mouth.

Renew the operation if necessary.

Do not exceed the daily dosage recommended, i.e. maximum 10 beads per day.


This food supplement should not be taken in a varied and balanced diet substitute.

Keep out of reach of young children.

A store in a cool and dry.