Fleurs de Bach Rescue Night 10ml

Trac. Stress. Strong emotions.
Manufacturer: Fleurs de Bach
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SKU: 4679649 Rescue night 10ml


Trac. Stress. Strong emotions. 4 zen Rescue night for sleep drops, and it is a sweet night looming! You a deep sleep, sweet dreams star and an alarm clock with a fresh rose complexion. You tend to be sleepless? You wake up with dark circles? Forget! New zen to finish with the restless nights concentrate preserves you (where its name Rescue = relief). Its 100% natural composition helps to evacuate all of these negative thoughts that prevent sleep and make it irritable to the sunrise. Species d 'helianthemum to better manage your fears, the Clematis to live in the present and not plunge into your pain from the white horse chestnut which helps erase images reccurentes, often causes fatigue in the early morning, and good d' other compounds are included in this magic cure. Thanks to two sprays in the mouth (or in a glass "water drops), you'll sleep like a baby. operating tips:

4 drops diluted in a glass" water to drink at regular intervals or 4 drops applied directly on the tongue. " Repeat if necessary.