Fleurs de Bach Rescue Chewing Gum Mint 25 Pieces

SKU: 8810968

Fleurs de Bach Rescue Chewing Gum will bring you peace and calm at any time of day.

Each liquid centred chewing gum contains 4 drops of 5 Fleurs de Bach Original Essences: 

  • Helianthemum flower extract (increases courage and self-esteem)
  • Star-of-Bethlehem flower extract (reduces physical and emotional shock)
  • Cherry Plum flower extract (calms the inner self and self control)
  • Touch-me-not flower extract (fights against emotional stress)
  • Clematis flower extract (brings you back to reality)

This naturally soothing blend is perfect for students, professionals and anyone suffering from stress to enjoy a calmer, stress-free life.

The chewing gum format is sugar free and ideal for quick stress-relief at any moment. Helps you handle difficult situations with confidence and ease.

Made by Fleurs de Bach, who offer a range of products enriched with their natural floral elixirs. Discover their extensive range of essential oils made with 100% natural floral elixirs, each one with a different benefit for the body or mind. Discover the full Rescue range, which offers solutions to fatigue, trouble sleeping, and lack of energy in the form of pastilles, sprays, drops and more.

Calming mint flavoured chewing gum with floral extracts.

Stress relief chewing gum, can be chewed at any time of day as required.

Excessive consumption may have laxative effects.

Edulcorants (Xylitol, Sorbitol, Maltitol, Sirop De Maltitol), Gomme Base, Agent éPaississant (Gomme Arabique), Arome Naturel De Menthe Verte, Colorant (Dioxyde De Titane), Humectant (GlycéRol), Emulsifiant (LéCithine De Soya), Agent D’Enrobage (Cire De Carnauba), Fleurs De Bach Original (Helianthemum Nummulariul (L.) Mill, Clematis Vitalba L., Impatiens Glandulifera Royle, Prunus Cerasifera Ehrh, Ornithogalum Umbellatum L.)

Box of 25 pieces of chewing gum.