Fleurs de Bach 38 Willow 20ml


SKU: 7839906 Willow - Willow 20 ml 38 Bach flower remedies

product overview:

resentment. Willow (Salix Vitellina) is for resentment, pity on his fate and bitterness. Most people sometimes have the impression that being abused more or less of them. This Bach flower helps to neutralize the resentment and regain the sense of humor and the sense of proportion. The Willow caters to those who feel that life is unfair: "I do not deserve it. Why - it it happens to me? "The person in the negative State want good fortune, good health, happiness, or the success of others. Crabby, surly and irritable, she takes pleasure to spread the sadness. She is interested in the other that to els belittle and criticize. It takes without giving anything and without expressing any gratitude, alienating his friends and his family. Suffering, these people are awkward patients, because they are never happy. never met, prefer to see themselves as victims, and unwilling to admit no improvement. Feeding a constant resentment may affect the vitality in general and lead to a poor state of health. The positive potential is a State of mind full of optimism and confidence in the future. The type positive Willow recognizes that the strength of mind creates the specific circumstances of each. He is able to forgive and forget past injustices and to take pleasure in life, attracting the positive situations and friends. Ceasing to be a victim, it is master of its own destiny. Account drops of 20ml. Net volume: 20ml.

operating tips:

2 drops in a glass of water or on the language 4 times per day. Do not exceed the specified daily dose.