Fleurs de Bach 35 White Chestnut 20ml

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You feel that your thoughts turn in circles and you brood because you're absorbed by your problems.
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Bach Flowers 35 - White Chestnut 20 ml


White chestnut: obsessive, reflective thoughts. This chestnut  from India caters to incessant concerns that seem to be uncontrollable. People who suffer are unable to deal with disputes or sad moments and constantly relive them in their head. Reflective as well as obsessive and haunting thoughts revolve around like a broken record. Disturbing the mind and leading to fatigue or depression. It is difficult to concentrate during the day or sleep at night. A person who suffers may therefore seem distracted or do not respond when he/she is spoken to. The positive potential of this chestnut from India is the peace of mind one gets from using it. Ideas become clear. Anxiety is replaced by the certainty of getting a positive result. Bottle of 20ml.

How to Use:

2 drops in a glass of water or on the tongue 4 times per day. Do not exceed the specified daily dose.


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L. Julien
  the 01/03/2016
5/ 5
Very good