Fleurs de Bach 20 Mimulus 20ml

Well defined fear.
Manufacturer: Fleurs de Bach
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SKU: 7839705 Bach Mimulus - Mimulus 20 ml 20 flowers

product overview:

well defined fear.

The Mimulus (Mimulus Guttatus) is a fear known to the cause, including the fear of disease, death, accidents, of suffering, of black, moisture, cold, poverty, others, animals, spiders, to speak in public, the dentist, losing his friends or his job...

Those who are suffering are sometimes equipped with talent, but they are also shy and reserved and sometimes unable to express themselves in each other's company. The square type people may have a tendency to blush, stammer or laugh nervously.

The square is well suited to the shy, embarrassed, likely, children who are afraid of animals, black.

The positive potential of the square is a personality with a quiet courage facing the trials and difficulties with humour and insurance. These people know how to defend themselves, and totally dominating their emotions, they can enjoy life without any fear. They learn to live with their sensitivity and know when and how to withdraw, if applicable. Bottle of 20 ml.

operating tips:

2 drops in a glass of water or on the language 4 times per day. Do not exceed the specified daily dose.