Fleurs de Bach 11 Elm 20ml


SKU: 7839616 flowers of Bach 11 Elm - Elm 20 ml

product overview:

overwhelmed by responsibilities. The State of being negative Elm is usually temporary. When people with capacity above the average momentarily lose confidence in themselves and get discouraged. Normally capable and serious. the type corresponding to the elm is a good manager and often position responsibilities concerned with the well - being of others. for example, doctor. teacher. therapist. Director of industry. or. more generally. exercising a liberal profession. Elm (Ulmus Procera) is recommended when these usually competent individuals feel suddenly crushed under the weight of their responsibilities. Unable to cope or to be at the height of the situation. The cause often comes from the fact that they accept too much work without worrying about them - same. As a result. they feel depressed and exhausted. temporarily losing all respect them - same. It is sufficient that they momentarily doubt their own abilities to feel weakened and demoralized. The positive potential is the return of natural person insurance. effectiveness and self-confidence. The problems are seen in their context and the person agrees to undertake what it can take. during the time of take care of its own needs. Account drops of 20 ml. Net volume: 20 ml.

operating tips:

2 drops in a glass of water or on the language 4 times per day. Do not exceed the specified daily dose.