Flavigny aniseed licorice Bio 50g

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The anise of Flavigny in the aroma of licorice are delicious small dots atthe heart of which is a seed of anise smell remarkably aromatic.

Crunchy texture, candy melt under your tongue: a real moment of pleasure for gourmets!

The treats are presented in a neat little box of shape oval, convenient to carry wherever you go.

No allergens, this product comes from organic agriculture.

Note: pads of Flavigny exist-coated flavours (lemon, ginger, Mandarin...). They are popular in France, but also in the world.


Candy licorice and anise.

Directions for use:

Melt the lozenge in the mouth. Do not bite.

Keep the box free from dust and the Sun, in a dry place.


Sugar *, natural flavor of licorice, a seed of anise *.* Product of the Agriculture Biologique en-BIO-01


A box of 50g.