Five on five refills Technislap x 2


SKU 6313125 Five on five refills Technislap x 2


All bracelets Technislap of the mark five out of five can be recharged through the charging Technislap.

This refill is effective to keep biting insects including the mosquito Tiger thanks to the essential oils.

She is:

  • usable at the age of 3.

  • waterproof,

  • effective for 15 days and nights.

It is made from a patented diffusion system: BornWith technology, allowing a controlled and gradual repellent substances release: the citriodiol and lavandin.

Suitable for pregnant women.


Refills (15 days each) for anti-mosquito bracelet.

Operating tips

Introduce charging current from opening in the hull.

Wash hands after handling the charging.

Replace the refill after 15 days of use.

Always keep the previously unused recharging in its protective casing.


Use biocide, essential oil of lavandin and citriodiol product.