Five on five Nomad refill diffuser

Refill liquid diffuser to kill and keep mosquitoes away.

Manufacturer: Cinq Sur Cinq

SKU: 6020698


Five on five diffuser Nomad Recharge offers perfect protection against mosquitoes.

Liquid charging provides effective protection for 50 nights or 20 days if the electric diffuser works 24/24.The exhausted era is replaced by a recharge bottle liquid five out of five.The liquid is colored slightly with time.(This has no effect on its effectiveness).


Diffuser for mosquito control.

Directions for use:

For charging liquid 50 nights:Unscrew the cap of the refill.Place the refill in the diffuser and screw.Connect the diffuser vertically using swivel plug (220 volts)Caution: Do not use 2 refills (liquid and plate) at the same time in the diffuser.


By 35 ml bottle:Esbiothrine: 3.0%BHT: 1.0%Solvent: 96%.


1 refill liquid 50 nights or 20 days.