Five on Five Double-Use Electric Diffuser

Diffuser with a 50 night refill and 4 x 8 hour refill plates.

Manufacturer: Cinq Sur Cinq

SKU: 7063156


1 Double Diffuser + 1 liquid refill 50 nights and 4 refills for 8 hours of diffusion.

Kills and keeps away mosquitoes for 8 hours even with the window open.

Long-term 50 nights or 20 days for 24 hours a day.


Double diffuser to keep mosquitoes away.

Recommended Use:

50 Night Liquid Refill:

Unscrew the refill cap. Place the refill in the diffuser and screw it back in. Connect the diffuser vertically using the swivel plug (220 volts). The used fluid must only be replaced with a Five on Five Diffuser Liquid Refill. The liquid may turn colour slightly. This has no effect on its effectiveness. 

8 Hour Plate Refill:

Slide a cartridge into the diffuser. Plug into a 220-volt outlet. This refill works for 8 hours, and slowly reduces in that time. Replace the recharge after 8 hours.


Per insert:- Esbiothrine T.G.: 22.8mg- Mineral oil: 70mg- Colours: 0.4mg- Fragrance: 2mg- Isopropylmyristate: 4mg- Support Paper: 100%.Per 35ml container:- Esbiothrine: 3.0%- BHT: 1.0%- Solvent: 96%. Do not use the 2 refills (liquids and inserts) at the same time.


1 Double-Use Electric Diffuser.