Feliway Spray 60ml


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Feliway Spray 60ml


Feliway is a stress for catsspray. Rich in pheromones naturally secretees by cats and kittens, this spray soothes stressed out cats. Being an animal that is particularly fond of its territory the cat doesn't like it is disturbing. The unfamiliar smell can be a source of stress for him and cause an unpleasant pet behavior. Feliway spray to places of passage as the corners of the couch, the armrest of a Chair, avoids:

  • Urinary marking in your habitat
  • The scratches on your furniture
  • Tensions between cats in the House

Appeased, cat feels safe and resumes his usual, happy lifestyle in its environment.

Tips for using Feliway Spray:

This spray is to spray on the furniture and fabrics, corners of doors. Before first use read the instructions carefully. Feliway is not a drug. If your cat shows any pathological signs, consult a vet.