Feliway Diffuser + Refill 48ml

Feliway is a soothing cat natural solution.
Manufacturer: Feliway
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SKU 7686880 Feliway diffuser + 48 ml refill


Feliway is a natural solution anti-stress for cats and kittens. The cat is a "territorial" animal he particularly likes its environment and do not like to be disturbed. A move, an adoption and a newcomer in the House can be a source of stress, the Feliway electric diffuser will propagate the solution within the habitat to soothe your cat. This natural solution contains natural pheromones deposited the cat in its living environment.

Feliway avoids ansi:

  • urinary marking
  • the biting
  • tensions between cats in the House

Tips for using Feliway:

connect the diffuser directly into an outlet in a strategic location in your home. Read the instructions carefully before the first use.

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