Feliway Classic Diffuser + Refill 48ml

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Diffuser solution with natural pheromones to soothe cats. With EU plug.

Manufacturer: Feliway

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The Feliway Classic Diffuser + Refill 48ml from Feliway is a natural anti-stress solution for cats and kittens. The cat is a 'territorial' animal and takes to their environment with a strong investment of ownership and belonging. For this reason, they are quite sensitive to changes and can cope badly when these occur. A move of home, a new addition to the family or a new guest in the home can be a source of stress for cats and so the Feliway electric diffuser assists in spread this specially formulated soothing solution throughout the habitat to soothe cats' nerves. This solution contains natural pheromones that cats encounter regularly throughout their lives.

Feliway also helps avoid:

  • Urine marking (which can be partly reasoned by 'territorial' action),
  • Scratching frenzies (caused by irritability),
  • Animal rivalry or tension between cats in the home (especially in the case of new additions to the group). 

Take the necessary steps to make your four-legged friend at ease and save yourself the stress of an irritable pet with this simple diffuser solution.


Diffuser for calming cats, especially in times of stress or changes caused to their environment. 

Recommended Use:

Plug the device into your a plug socket (adaptor may be required) in a strategic area. Read instructions carefully before employing the device.Keep out of reach of children. Store in a cool place away from soruces of extreme heat, light or humidity.


Refill solution: Fraction structural analogue of cat facial pheromones (2%). Excipient q.s.p 100g. EU plug. 


1 diffuser plug and refill 48ml.



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  the 12/04/2018
5/ 5
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