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How to use a promo code or a discount coupon ?

You can use your discount coupons when confirming your cart by filling in your discount coupon number in the field “I use my discount coupons !” at the bottom right of the page.

How do the Loyalty Points work ?

How do Sanareva Savings work?

By creating a Sanareva account, you benefit from Sanareva Savings. With each order, you earn money. For each product ordered, your Savings are automatically credited with the points corresponding to the product. The accumulated points vary from one product to another, which you can find in the product description of each product.  

The Savings can be used for 365 days from the order date and will be immediately available for your next order.

To use your Savings, it’s so simple! In your basket, click on "Use my Savings" and reduce the amount of your order!

You can see your Sanareva Savings balance at any time in your Sanareva account under the heading "My Sanareva Savings".

For more information see the Sanareva Savings page.

Until when can I use my discount coupon?

You can use your discount coupon for 12 months starting from the date of issue.

How to use your discount coupons ?

You can use your credits when confirming your cart by selecting the discount coupon that you want to deduct in the drop-down list in the sidebar “I use my discount coupons !” at the bottom right of the page.

Can I get a reimbursement for my discount coupon?

Yes, you just have to contact us via our contact form. You will be directly refunded to the account used when placing your order.

How to give one’s opinion about a product ?

A few days after ordering, you will receive an e-mail asking you to give your opinion about Sanareva website and about the products ordered.

How to refer a friend ?

To refer a friend, go to this page :Referred Friends.

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