My order

How to place an order on Sanareva?

Order now online at :

Note : you have to be registered in order to place an order online. To register, go to “How to create my account”.

  • Fill up your cart by clicking on the product(s) you wish to purchase :
    • by entering the brand, the name of the product or the SKU number in the search bar
    • by selecting a laboratory in the drop-down list
    • by using different categories and sub-categories of the menu
  • Click on “Add to cart”. If you want to delete a product, click on the little cross to the right of the relevant product in the cart
  • Once your order has been completed, click on the button “Order” at the bottom of your cart
  • Check your cart and then click on the button “Accept Terms of Sales and Order”
  • Choose your delivery address and your billing address if they are different (See “Address Book”)
  • Choose your delivery method and then click on “Next” (See “Shipping Method”)
  • Choose your delivery method and then click on “Next” (See “Shipping Method”)
  • Choose your delivery method and then click on “Next” (See “Payment Information”)

  • You can also place an order : by calling our customer service 03306 846 064 (cost of a local call) from Monday to Friday from 8 am to 5 pm.

    How do I check my orders history ?

    • Log into your Sanareva customer account.
    • Click on “My account” to access your dashboard then on “My orders”.

    You can thus view and/or renew your former orders.

    I did not receive any email confirmation after placing my order. Did my order go through properly ?

    If your order has been completed successfully, you should see it on your customer account in “My orders”.

    If you have not received any e-mail confirmation, check in your spam folder or junk e-mails folder in your personal mail box.

    In case of doubt, please feel free to contact us by e-mail at or by dialing 03306 846 064 (cost of local call).

    Can I change my order?

    For organizational reasons and in order to meet the order preparation deadlines, we suggest that you check your order before its confirmation.

    It will be difficult to modify it thereafter.

    If you have made a mistake, contact us immediately by calling 03306 846 064 (cost of a local call ).

    How to cancel an order?

    Please, immediately contact our customer service calling 03306 846 064 (cost of local call).

    How to track my order ?

    Go to your Sanareva customer account or contact our customer service by calling 03306 846 064 (cost of a local call).

    Your order goes through three stages:

  • “Order has been placed and registered”
  • “Order is being processed by our team”
  • “Order has been dispatched”.

    At each stage you will receive an e-mail from Sanareva updating you on the status of your order. It is also possible to keep on eye on your order by logging into your customer account on Sanareva website in the section “ Account Dashboard”.

  • Why is my order still in preparation after 48 hours ?

    For the purpose of satisfying your whole order, our team may sometimes wait for the delivery of a product which is out of stock so as to comply with your request.