Exacto Thermotest

Easily monitor the temperature of your child with thermotest.

Manufacturer: Exacto



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The Exacto Thermotest  measures the body temperature in only a few seconds.

This frontal measuring tool with liquid crystals estimates the level of fever.

What's more, it helps avoid difficult sessions trying to measure your feverish babies temperature with a thermometer. There is no need to undress the baby and it takes the temperature in several seconds, even if they are sleeping.


Frontal temperature measuring device.

Directions for use

Take the fever test from 2 extremities, apply the black face to the forehead, just above the eyelids.

Hold the test for around 15 seconds until the screen appears to stabilise and you can read the temperature (if 2 temperatures appear, do not pay attention to the green one).

Avoid prolonged exposure to the sun, excessive heat or humidity. To clean it, only use a soft and dry cloth, do not wash. Keep out of sight and out of reach of children.


Liquid crystal patch


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