Exacto Armband Tensiometer

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Measures blood pressure and detect heart arythmias.

Manufacturer: Exacto



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The Exacto Armband Tensiometer  is an auto-measurement tool for blood pressure which is fast and precise at the same time.

This blood pressure monitor from Exacto sits on the upper arm to:

  • measure blood pressure
  • detect heart arythmias

Clinically validated, this automatic tool simply provides a blood pressure measurement quickly and with high precision.

A screen of liquid crystal brings up the results in real time.

To complete the device, an arythmia detector is integrated into the tensiometer to alter you in case of problems.

The Magnien IHD tensiometer works with 4 alcaline battieres of 1.5V AA. It can also work with a 6V DC 600mA adapter (not provided).


Arm cuff tensiometer to measure blood pressure and to detect heart arythmias.

Arm siwe M (22-32cm)

Directions for use

  • All clothes covering the arms must be removed.
  • Toute vêtement comprimant le bras doit être enlevé.
  • Put on the arm cuff and lift up the left arm. The tube must point towards the forearm. 

    • Positional the arm cuff 2-3cm above the elbow and so that the tube faces the inside of the arm.
    • Fasten the arm cuff by pulling and fixing the grip. The arm cuff should be adjusted so that it is possible to slide 2 fingers betzeen the arm cuff and the arm.
    • Place your arms on a table with the palm of your hand facing the ceiling. The arm cuff must be placed at the same height as the heart and the tube must not be entwined in itself.
      Turn on the device and wait for the arm cuff to inflate and deflate.
    • When the measurement is finished, a long beep will sounds. Take the results from the screen (systolic pressure, diastolic pressure, pulse). When the values seem abnormal, consult a doctors

      The results provided by the teniometer must not be used as evidence to provoke someone to change their dosage of medication prescribed by a doctor.

      The device's tools can be altered in case of electromagnetic fields which can some from mobile phones, radio mastes, etc. It is also recommended to respect a distance of 1 metre when you are using the tool. 


      1 tensiometer with arm cuff, 1 transport pouch, 1 blood pressure passport, 1 set of instructions