Eumadis complex fears 6.3 g Bach flower essences

Biological complex to harmonize of soul negative States, to calm and clarify the emotional ground.

Manufacturer: Kosmeo B

SKU: LCS_0900415


The complex fears Bach flower essences ofEumadis granules are specially formulated for those concerned, who fear the situations of everyday life, who have dark thoughts, anxieties for them or their loved ones.

The formula in the active principles (cherry plum, red chestnut, white chestnut, mimulus and larch) of this complex fears Bach flower essences offer strength and courage, soothes the dark thoughts, relaxes the mind, allows to take control to deal with certain situations and promotes positive thinking.

The granules complex fears Bach flower essences ofEumadis allowing to find comfort and well-being on a daily basis naturally.

  • Without alcohol


Complex organic flower essences prepared according to the original method of the associated Dr.Bach® to the: brown sugar *, aqueous Infusion of flowers * of Cherry Plum - Red Chestnut - Larch - Mimulus - White Chestnut * ingredients from organic farming