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Eucerin Sun Cabinet Spray solar Transparent SPF50 200 ml and shower 200ml oil offered

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SKU 0892352 Eucerin Sun Spray SPF50 200ml + PH5 shower 200ml oil

Eucerin laboratory offers the duo in the summer to protect your skin with Sun Spray spf 50 and sublimate your Tan with pH5 shower oil.

Eucerin Sun Spray SPF 50 200 ml


Sun Spray SPF50 is a solar spray to protect the skin from UV rays and UVA.

High protection thus protects the skin from the harmful effects of the Sun.

Its non-greasy, non-sticky texture allows fast absorption

Usage is easy and convenient because this sunscreen comes in the form of spray and water resistant.

Skin is protected at the cellular level, UVB and UVA radiation while being moisturized.

Tips for using Eucerin Sun Spray SPF 50:

Apply the Sun spray before each exposure to the Sun.

Repeat as often as necessary.


Water resistant Sun spray.

Eucerin PH5 shower 200 ml oil


PH5 shower oil is oil to use in the shower to sublimate her Tan and is ideal for everyday use.

Indeed, this oil:

  • preserves the natural defenses of the skin,

  • gently cleanses.

Further, being high in fat, this oil moisturizes the skin while respecting due to its neutral pH. It is thus suitable for sensitive skin.

Tips for using Eucerin PH5 shower oil:

Can be used daily in the shower instead of SOAP.

Apply a little shower on the wet skin dhuile laide dun toilet or hand glove and froth like a SOAP liquid.
rinse and dry rub for not removing the lipids of the skin.

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