Esthederm Intensive Glauscine Body Cream 200ml

Body cream that reduces aqueous cellulite and the sensation of heavy legs.

Manufacturer: Esthederm

SKU: 2001430


Esthederm Intensive Glauscine Body Cream 200ml reduces aqueous cellulite thanks to the actions of escine and glaucine:

  • The elimination of water in tissues thanks to escine and its venotonic properties. It activates microcirculation and effectively drains off excess water in a sustainable way.
  • The elimination of fat in tissues through glaucine. This active ingredient releases fat reserves and limits their reappearance.

The fusion of these two molecules produces glaucine.


Lipolytic cream against aqueous cellulite and heavy legs.

Directions for use

Apply morning and evening to the affected areas of the body and massage into the skin with circular movements.
Use alone, avoiding contact with eyes.
Keep out of reach and out of sight of young children

It is recommended to carry out a one-month cure to obtain optimal results.


Water, Glaucine, Escine, ATP, Carnosine, Mineral salts.


200ml tube