Erborian Double Peeling cream 50ml

double peeling cream is a mask-scrub 2 in 1 ultra-soft.
Manufacturer: Erborian
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SKU 9528725 Erborian Double Peeling creme50 ml


Elaborated according to the techniques of Korean medicine, cream mask-scrub double peeling renews and treats the skin by a dual action:

  • biological peeling through the synergy of natural chestnut of Korea and fruit acids,
  • mechanical peeling with natural fibers of the bark of Korean chestnuts.

Formula very rich and sweet at the same time, double cream peeling gently removes dead skin cells and leave your skin as new, smooth, perfectly moisturized, radiant health.

operating tips:

Apply in thin, let stand 5 to 10 minutes. Moisten hands and then perform circular movements. Rinse with clear water. Renew two times per week.


FRUIT of the Brown Korean, EQNRICHI of natural fruit acids.


Bottle 50 ml tube

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