Erborian Cream Scrub 7 herbal 50ml

Erborian Cream Scrub to the 7 herbs, care Exfoliating to the micro-perles.
Manufacturer: Erborian


SKU 3924072 Erborian Cream Scrub 7 herbal 50ml


Erborian is inspired by the beauty Korean to offer quality care and innovative method.

Erborian Cream Scrub 7 herbs is a scrub for the face micro-perles.

In contact with water, these micro-perles are transformed into mini cleaning sponges. The gourmet texture of this treatment helps eliminate by mechanical bearings impurities and dead every day, cells to reveal skin like new. Skin looks visibly sharper, smoother, brighter, and the grain of the skin is refined.


Care Exfoliating face, combination skin.

Operating tips



Apply morning and evening to face and neck, on wet skin, and rinse.


Tiger grass: anti inflammatory, Rosemary healing aid: anti-stress and anti-oxidant small Chamomile: restorative action on the skin dry, sensitive and irritated Japanese knotweed: treat scratches and calm the pain licorice: reduces the production of melanin causing spots skullcap: promotes the skin lightening and mitigation of tea green tasks: warns of the damage caused by UVB rays