Epitact Orthosis Proprioceptive Left Hand Night S

Small size rigid, thermosettable night orthotic for the left hand.

Manufacturer: Epitact

SKU: 9600753


Small size left hand thermosettable othosis. 

This orthetic allows you to keep your thumb in position when sleeping at night. The alignment of your bones will limit the movements of thetrapezoid-metacarpal joint and relieve pain. 

It is super thin, light and comfortable and guarantees you daily protection for months without interrupting your sleep. Thanks to its thermosettable plastic, it fits accoring to your bodily shape. 


Small size left hand orthosis for thumb joint pains and limiting the progression of rhizarthrosis. 

Recommended Use:

Carefully instruction for thermosetting.The orthosis becomes soft once placed in hot water allowing it to take the shape of your hand at rest. It then hardens after a few minutes in order to give you a custom rigid orthosis. 


47% polyamide/elastane material, 53% thermosettable orthosis.


1 orthosis.