Epitact orthosis Proprioceptive thumb left night hand size M

Rigid night splint thermoformable for left thumb size M.

Manufacturer: Epitact

SKU: 9600755


Orthosis rigid thermoformable of night for left hand, size M.

Thermoformable plastics adapts to your body once the brace in hot water for you offer a product adapted to your hand.Now your thumb in the rest position and limiting forces on the trapeziometacarpal joint articulation, the brace relieves joint pain and limit the development of the rhizarthrose.Ultra thin, lightweight and very comfortable, the orthosis is forgotten while you sleep. Ultra resistant, you can wear it every day for several months.


For joint pain in the left thumb for hand size Mr. Limite the evolution of the rhizarthrose. Product to use at night.

Directions for use:

A mold easily yourself before use.Read carefully the instructions of thermoforming.The brace becomes soft when it is dipped in hot water to fit your hand. It hardens, then in a few minutes allowing you to have a customized protection.


fabric 47% polyamide/elastane, 53% plastic thermoformable.


1 brace.