Epitact Corrective Orthetic Hallux Valgus Night L Size

Orthotic that corrects the abnormal deviation of the big toe and pain relief.

Manufacturer: Epitact

SKU: 9600751


Thecorrective brace Bunion night Epitact allows to correct the distortion caused by a hallux valgus and limit its evolution. It relieves pain at night.

Thermoformable, this scalable brace custom is very comfortable. Light and thin, it obstructs in any way your sleep.


Corrective brace of size L for people having a hallux valgus.

Directions for use:

Check that the big toe is still mobile laterally when handled. If this is not the case, do not use this device.

Thermoforming: Follow the instructions of thermoforming supplied. The corrective brace at night can be repeatedly thermoformed. If necessary, consult a Podiatrist.


  • Pass the forefoot in the large band.
  • Then put on the big toe into the small sleeve.
  • Make sure that the white target is located at the level of the Bunion.

A product that can be used for the right foot or the left foot.


20% silicone, fabric 28% polyamide/elastane, 52% plastic thermoformable.


1 corrective brace of size L (23 x 24, 4cm).