Epitact Carp'Activ Soft Wrist Orthesis Wrist Softness Preserves Right Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Size M 1 unit

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Soft wrist orthosis specially designed to accompany wrist movements.

Manufacturer: Epitact



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Carp Activ Wrist Orthesis accompanies the wrist movements while allowing the natural opening of the hand, which preserves the use of the fingers.

A one-piece orthosis covering the wrist joint, with a functional notch that allows free thumb and lateral movements. It limits the range of motion and avoids sudden stops in the movement.

Special feature :
- Does not compress the wrist (no pressure on the carpal tunnel).
- Technical fabric and specific pattern matching the curve of the hand
- Long duration of use (several months).


For daily activities, in case of :
- carpal tunnel syndrome,
- musculoskeletal disorders,
- Tendonitis of the wrist. 

Size M: 19 to 21.5cm

Directions for use

Measurements required: turn of the hand (without the thumb). 
Machine washable in the washing net provided. 


100% polyamide/elastane fabric.