Elmex brush teeth Protection Caries head short (medium)


SKU: 7717729 Elmex brush teeth Protection Caries head short (medium)

indications: toothbrush Elmex strands in x. cleans the interdental spaces removes plaque dentaire. short head reaches the places difficult accesibles. the elimination of dental plaque and food debris is particularly important at the level of the interdental spaces, areas for the development of caries. This is why Elmex research has developed in collaboration with dental experts, Elmex Protection Caries toothbrush. the strands in X technology particularly effective cleaning even in the interdental spaces. 1. The disposal of the strands, specially adapted to the shape of the teeth, to improve the effectiveness of the cleaning. 2. The strands in X allow an optimal removal of dental plaque in the interdental spaces. 3. The rounded end of the strands provides a respectful brushing. 4. Ergonomic handle provides easy and secure handling. it is advisable to use the toothbrush Elmex Protection Caries with toothpaste Elmex Protection cavities and Elmex Protection dental solution cavities.