Elixirs & Co Eau de Parfum Vivacity 30ml

Eau de parfum with Bach flowers for more positive energy.

Manufacturer: Elixirs & Co

SKU: 5002011

Elixirs & Co Eau de Parfum Vivacity 30ml has a fresh and very pleasant scent. It provides feelings of well-being and balance.

It contains the following Bach flowers:

  • gorse: for dynamism and energy
  • centaurea: for character and strength
  • hornbeam: to revitalise
  • white chestnut: for motivation
  • larch: for the trust
  • mustard: to find joy
  • olive tree: for regeneration

Its smell is delicious and its effects are immediate!

Practical, this size of 30ml will be able to slip into the handbag for a touch of perfume during the day.