Elixirs & Co Eau de Parfum Vivacity 30ml

SKU: 5002011


Elixirs & Co Eau de Parfum Vivacity 30ml has a fresh and very pleasant scent. It provides feelings of well-being and balance.

It contains the following Bach flowers:

  • gorse: for dynamism and energy
  • centaurea: for character and strength
  • hornbeam: to revitalise
  • white chestnut: for motivation
  • larch: for trust
  • mustard: to find joy
  • olive tree: for regeneration

Practical, this size of 30ml will be able to slip into the handbag for a touch of perfume during the day.


Bach flower perfume.

Directions for use

Use daily after going to the toilet. Spray behind the ears and on the wrists. If you expose yourself to the sun, prefer a spray on clothes rather than on the skin.


Alcohol, Perfume, Aqua (Water), Ulex europaeus flower extract (Gorse), Centaurium Erythraea flower extract (Centaurea), Aesculus hippocastanum flower extract (White Maroon), Olea Europapaea flower extract (Olive), Carpinus flower extract betulus (Charm), Larix decidua flower extract (Larch), Sinapis arvensis flower extract (Mustard), limonene, linalool, lilial, citral, oak moss extract.


Bottle 30ml.