Elgydium Vitale toothbrush soft

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Adult dental hygiene

Manufacturer: Elgydium

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SKU: 7834406 Elgydium Vitale soft toothbrush

Elgydium toothbrush: expertise and know how in the service of a hygiene perfect. -Sprigs finely rounded: respect for the teeth and gums -Protects head: optimal hygiene -ergonomic Handle: operating comfort.



Number of reviews : 2
Average rating : 5 /5
K. L
  the 11/09/2017
5/ 5
Excellent toothbrush on 2 fronts - handles well because of the rubber bulge in the middle providing excellent grip and the brush itself is very durable.
C. Tim
  the 30/08/2017
5/ 5
This Elgydium Vitale is the perfect design of toothbrush; 4 long rows of bristles and no rotund circular curves in sight! Always go for 'Soft' bristles because, if you brush sideways with ‘Medium’ or, disaster, ‘Hard’ , the bristles tear the gums. Avoid them if you can. This will result in ‘spitting blood’ often mistaken on TV adverts as a dental problem like plaque etc. Incidentally, it is virtually impossible to find Soft toothbrushes in your Pharmacy or Supermarket. The correct way to brush is up-and-down if you can do it. Modern repair and protect toothpastes do most of the work anyway, especially if you swish the bubbles in and out between the teeth after soft brushing.I have been searching for these brushes on and off for 2 years and finally found them on eBay - I had been mis-spelling the name 'Elgydium'. Tim in Dublin