Elgydium Cavity Protection Toothpaste 75ml

Toothpaste with mint aroma that remineralizes and strengthens the enamel of your teeth.

Manufacturer: Elgydium

SKU: 6007481


Elgydium Cavity Protection Toothpaste 75 ml cleans your teeth, remineralizes and strengthens their enamel thanks to Fluorinol (1350ppm fluorine) and Siliglycol.
This oral hygiene care protects against acid attacks from bacteria and, reduces the risk of caries. The protective film created by Siliglycol (which binds the fluorine) prolongs the effectiveness of this protection against damage to the enamel or dentin.
A tolerance and efficacy test was performed under dental control for this product. 81% of the people who tested it appreciated it. The formula of this toothpaste with mint aroma does not contain parabens.


Toothpaste for adults and children over 12 years.

Directions for use

Brush your teeth after every meal for at least 2 minutes.


Aqua, Glycerin, Hydrated silica, Silica, Cellulose gum, Titanium dioxide, Sodium lauryl sulfate, Aroma, Nicomethanol hydrofl uoride, PEG-12 dimethicone**, Benzyl alcohol, Chondrus crispus powder, Limonene, Sodium saccharin.
Sans paraben.


75ml tube