Elgydium Diffussion Medium Toothbrush

Toothbrush with a head guard for optimal hygiene.

Manufacturer: Elgydium

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Elgydium Diffussion Medium Toothbrush is the indispensable accessory for good oral hygiene. It allows an efficient, complete and deep cleaning of your teeth thanks to its new strand implantation technology. Finely rounded, these nylon strands do not attack your gums and ensure smooth brushing.
Comfortable thanks to its ergonomic handle, the Elgydium toothbrush is pleasant to use. Its elongated format also allows easy access to the molars.
The most of this product? Its head guard, ideal to carry your toothbrush in your toilet kit when travelling hygienically.
The result? Healthy and whiter teeth because well brushed, a beautiful smile!
Note: This toothbrush is a product designed by Elgydium Laboratories, part of the global pharmaceutical laboratory Pierre Fabre Oral Care, leader in oral hygiene in French pharmacies. Elgydium offers many other treatments to meet the needs of the oral sphere.


Dental Hygiene

Directions for use

Brush yout teeth after every meal during 2-3 minutes





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