Elgydium Blue Tongue Cleaner

Tongue scraper that removes as many bacteria from your tongue as possible to ensure perfect oral hygiene.

Manufacturer: Elgydium

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The Elgydium Laboratory’s Blue Tongue Scraper helps to maintain daily oral hygiene.

In fact, it is used in addition to a traditional toothbrush to eliminate bacteria located on the tongue.

When you brush your teeth, there is often a small amount of bacteria on your tongue responsible for certain disorders: aphtes, redness, bad breath, acidity... the role of the tongue scraper is to eliminate these bacteria.

Thanks to its long size grater, the tongue scraper allows you to remove bacteria from your tongue in just a few movements.


Dental hygiene.
Brushing of the tongue.

Directions for use

When brushing teeth, use the tongue scraper by sweeping your tongue from top to bottom to eliminate and remove as many bacteria as possible.
After each passage on the tongue, rinse the residue on the tongue scraper before using it again.
Use the tongue scraper until there are no more bacteria when passing it.




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