Elgydium Basic Medium Toothbrush

Toothbrush for a perfect oral hygiene.

Manufacturer: Elgydium

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Elgydium Basic Medium Tooth Brush is an essential accessory for good hygiene of teeth and gums.
This toothbrush allows:
  • effective cleaning
  • a complete cleaning
  • an in-depth cleaning
Its strands are finely rounded so as not to attack the gums.
Its handle is ergonomic, for maximum operating comfort.
Its length allows easy access to the molars.
The teeth are perfectly cleaned, the gums are healthy and the breath is fresh.
Important: dentists recommend using a toothpaste and a toothbrush adapted to the needs of each individual.


Medium Toothbrush

Directions for use

Brush your teeth after every meal during 3 minutes


Brush made of plastic
Nylon strands.


1 Toothbrush