Elastoplast Aqua Protect XXL 5 Strips 8 x 10cm Water Resistant

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Elastoplast Aqua Protect XXL 5 bandages possess a very high adhesive power which helps protect injuries every day whether they are medium to large in size. Specifically developed to be resistant to the water with an ergonomic design, you can take a shower or a bath. The Aqua Protect dressing is not sticky to protect and cushion. Formulated based on silver Ions, this gives a strong antiseptic power that will allow to reduce the risk of infection and optimal healing.


Protection of wounds. Water resistant.

Directions for use:

Before applying the bandage, be sure to clean and dry the wound.


Formulated based on silver Ions


Box of 5 strips of 8 x 10 cm



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A. Anonymous
  the 12/12/2018
5/ 5
Very good but too few in a pack