Earplugs snoring Spray oral 70ml + Spray Nasal 15ml

Anti-snoring sprays: a mouth and a nose.

Manufacturer: Quies

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Quies laboratories offer two anti-snoring sprays :

  • a mouth spray, which improves the passage of air leaving a film on the perimeter of the Palace, and thus avoids the vibrations of snoring originally;
  • a nasal spray, which moistens nasal with xanthan gum that contains its formula. This lubrication facilitates the passage of air between the pharynx and throat and helps reduce snoring.

Most of these products?

  • The taste of honey and lemon to the oral spray.
  • Essential oils of pine and eucalyptus which bring a feeling of freshness to the nasal spray.


Oral sprays and nasal anti-snoring.

Directions for use:

Oral spray : shake the bottle before use. Spray 2 times successively to the back of the throat in the evening at sunset.Keep the product 20 seconds in the mouth before swallowing.

Nasal spray : at bedtime, blow your nose for good clear the nasal. Shake the spray. Spray twice into each nostril in the vertical head.

Recommended in case of sleep apnea.


Oral spray : purified water, Glycerol, glyceryl of Glycerol, aroma honey lemon, lecithin of soya (GMO), vitamin E, vitamin B6, Sorbate de Potassium, Benzoate de Sodium, Ethylmenthanecarboxamide, xanthan gum.

Nasal spray : xanthan gum, plant extracts, essential oils (pine, Eucalyptus), glycerin, Polysorbate.


70ml + 15ml nasal spray oral spray.