Eafit Myocontrol 30 tablets

Myo Control Decontractant muscle 30 tablets Myocramp - Eafit - dietary supplement - cramps.

Manufacturer: Eafit

SKU: 5444405


Myo control relaxant muscle laboratories Eafit is a dietary supplement for sport which supports well being muscle after exercise.

Myo control of laboratory Eafit pushes the limits of fatigue, and helps reduce the effects of acidity, responsible for muscle soreness and cramps.

Find all the muscle and joint comfort thanks to Myo control of laboratory Eafit.


Minerals: phosphate dicalcium - gluconate potassium - magnesium carbonate - carbonate of calcium - aluminate phosphate - chloride of sodium - selenite sodium, vitamins: C, E, B3 - B5 - B1 - D - B6, caking: cellulose microcrystalline - magnesium stearate, extraitde vine red, from marc of grapes, lithothamnium, bark of Cinchona, dandelion extract powder, extract of quackgrass. Agents of coating: hydroxypropylmethyl cellulose, microcrystalline cellulose, stearic acid, dyes: E171 - E141.