Durex Orgasm Intense 10 Condoms

Designed to heighten sensation and pleasure.

Manufacturer: Durex

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The condom Orgasm'Intense Durex heightens sexual pleasure during sexual intercourse.

Its texture is ribbed and pearly to increase the sensation to the touch.
It contains a stimulating gel that causes effects of temperature variations to intensify the sensations.

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Box of 10 condoms for a more intense sexual experience.

Directions for use

  • Roll the condom onto the erect penis. Pinch the teat/top of the condom as you unroll it to avoid it splitting.
  • Condoms should only be used once, to avoid the risk of splitting or infection. Reserved for adults.
  • Use to protect against STIs and STDs. No method of contraception can guarantee up to 100% effective protection against pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections.


Natural latex rubber.
Average diameter: 56 mm
Transparent and lubricated. Contoured shape.


1x Box of 10 condoms