Ducray Squanorm shampoo dandruff dry 200ml

permanently removes dandruff dry and cleanses the scalp
Manufacturer: Ducray
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Ducray Squanorm shampoo dandruff dry 200 ml

Properties dandruff dry shampoo Ducray

Squanorm dry dandruff shampoo eliminates from the first shampoo dry dandruff through selenium disulphide, very effective to combat the dandruff State assets. To reduce the risk of recurrence, Ducray laboratories researchers have integrated it in micronized form which has shown its persistence at the scalp level.

associate to the Ichtyol, anti-irritant specific assets of the dandruff, return to the balance of the scalp is insured. The Squanorm dry dandruff shampoo is especially nice to use thanks to its smooth texture. Your hair quickly found radiance and health.

Tips for using anti-dandruff dry dandruff Ducray

To use 2 times per week for at least 6 weeks. He is Advisor to use alternating or relay the shampoo Ducray Elution suitable for fragile scalps.

Conservation dry dandruff dry shampoo Ducray

keeps 12 months after opening.