Ducray Melascreen radiance SPF15 40ml light cream

light cream promoting the lightening of brown spots.

Manufacturer: Ducray

SKU: 2101372 Ducray Melascreen radiance SPF15 40ml light cream


The cream light Melascreen brightness promotes thinning spots landforms.

Its formulas Associates:

  • vitamin C that decreases the activity of the enzyme involved in the excessive melanin synthesis and reduces also the staining on the surface of oxidized, melanins

  • the NIACINAMIDE which allows blocking the transfer to the surface of the skin of melanin synthesized in excess.

Melascreen shine light cream brightens and evens the tone, particularly in the event of irregular pigmentation. The skin regains its radiance.

In addition, texture fluid and moisturizing is an excellent makeup base.

This care also contains protective filters which provide spots SPF15 protection.

Tips for using Ducray Melascreen shine light cream:

Apply morning and/or evening on the entire face, neck and the backs of the hands.

Avoid contact with eyes.



Keep away from heat.