Ducray Kelual DS shampoo dealing with Lot of 2 x 100ml

anti-dandruff shampoo to eliminate dandruff and itching.

Manufacturer: Ducray

SKU: 2644569 Ducray Kelual DS shampoo dealing with lot 2 x 100ml

Often attacked by the Sun and the sea, heating and stress, hair will balk and fall or are covered with dandruff. it is therefore important to use a suitable care.


For years, Ducray laboratories are specialized in hair care. Indeed, they develop treating shampoos for all hair types.

Kelual Ds is shampoo dealing with squamoreducteur laboratories Ducray anti-recidive. It is intended for people with dandruff, dander and itching of the scalp. It is anti-dandruff. this shampoo permanently eliminates dandruff and quickly soothes the scalp. Full active purifying herbal and complementary formula acts on all the factors involved in severe dandruff. It contains:

  • of glycyrrhetinic acid to soothe itching and redness lasting,

  • of the keluanid to eliminate bonded dandruff and sanitize the scalp,

  • of pyrithione zinc to prevent the proliferation of dander.

, Kelual DS shampoo prevents the recurrences. Indeed, use 1 time per week in maintenance to permanently prevent the recurrence of dandruff.

Films are eliminated and the scalp is soothed.

operating Ducray Kelual Ds dealing with shampoo tips:

  • apply the shampoo

  • lather while massaging the scalp, rinse

  • renew the application leaving 3 minutes, rinse

  • attack Phase: 3 times per week. 2 weeks

  • Maintenance Phase: 1 times a week